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 Our services are custom tailored to your specific needs. 
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AM CONSILIUM acting from the beginning of the dispute as a mediator in the interests of its clients through its action towards an amicable solution to your business image to protect. We offer a complete public service, personalized and efficient based on the results: no cure - no pay Our service is based on a cooperation agreement without obligation to purchase.

To meet you at best, used AM CONSILIUM its own on-line administration system, so the windshield with your progress reports free access to follow. You get real-time access to all relevant procedures, complete reports, and individual service costs

We approach your customers (individuals and businesses) and remembering your accounts receivable to their obligations with respect to the concerns of the business relationship.

We change their payment behavior in a fast and effective results.

When the collection of settlement brings no positive results, we started with your consent, the legal proceedings following a survey of your debtor solvency.
 Legal proceedings
In cases where the proceedings for the recovery of debts is not successful, we start with your permission the proper judicial procedure.
We follow the case from beginning to the end of the procedure.
We work with several bailiffs and lawyers specializing in this type of proceedings to the quality of your documents, and act in your best interest.

 Business Information
To prevent your company has no risk, we offer comprehensive financial information on the solvency and creditworthiness of your customers.
Summary of relevant laws and decrees :
- Law on the amicable recovery of debts (20/12/2002)
- Law on consumer credit (12/06/1991)
- Trade Practices Act and the information and protection of consumers (05/07/1998)
- Law on collective debt settlement and the possibility of the sale of seized property OTC (05/07/1998)
- Law on combating late payment in commercial transactions (02/08/2002)











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