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  Our methods :

 Our collection activities are custom designed and personalized, with modern and efficient tools specifically designed for our company, adapted to your needs and also to our working methods.

 Our experience and professionalism allows us to be one of the best success rates in our industry.
We monitor your files accurately, that it's one file or many files.

 AM CONSILIUM combines professionalism and expertise. We work respectfully with your trading relationships, we guarantee the confidentiality of the mission entrusted to us and communicate openly and directly with our customers in the unconditional respect of the existing legislation. (articles of law in our links to PDF documents)

 Commitment :
We use innovative methods in collection activities. We guarantee the quality of our employees and we choose the most competitive "in the credit management and collection activities. .

 Relationship with our client :
We consider your needs and integrate them into our services. You have a tool to manage your online files and we will keep you personally informed about the progress of your file.

 Speed and profitability:
The files should get resolved and the fact collected hour at a reasonable price. We collect as agreed in advance appointments. We expect our services based on the results: no cure, no pay!





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